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For our readers, because we love you…

A new beer glass fashion – beer glasses made from recycled car windshields. Shattered windshieldThese glasses are hand-made, cost around $20 a pair, and have a very unique tint to them. [Visit Recycled Windshield Beer & Wine Glasses for more info]

It was after reading this that we realized we never posted this essential message – plain and simple: Think before you drink!  

We all love beer, and many find it hard to belief that one can get enough of this good thing. Unfortunately this could end up pretty bad. You may wake up the next morning to the words: “You have one phone call…”, and then you better hope you know a damn good lawyer’s number of by heart! And then there will probably be a guy sitting across from you, calling you sweetheart! And this is just the good scenario!

The alternative could be that you wake up in a comfy, silent white room with friends and family around you. They will most likely have that doubtful, puppy-eyes looks on their faces. A good looking young lady will ask you what you would like for pudding, but probably not so enthusiastically as the waitress at the bar. You’ll be comfy, only because one can’t feel much after being paralysed. A week later, if you can speak that is to say, you’ll need to make a phone call – just to phone the wife of your friend who was in the car with you, telling her…well…I don’t know to be honest. And after that call you should probably phone the family of the car you crashed into to tell them something along the same line as to why they don’t have a son, daughter, brother, sister, mom or dad anymore. 

Simple: Think before you drink. Even if you think you can get away drunk, keep Murphy’s Law in mind: Shit will happen! [see the below video: doesn’t matter how good you are, you will get caught]. So, keep good things in moderation – you’ll probably find it even more enjoyable then. Besides, as nice as the tint may be, we don’t want to drink from our readers’ wind shields…


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Written by Pierre

November 30, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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