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Push’s Tavern

At the door we realized how quiet an afternoon it was, with a only two guys playing a pool, and what seemed to be a regular drowning himself in a drink – clearly not very conscious. It was just the cleaner cleaning the tables and the dusty floor that testified a busy weekend.

Burglar type of bars between the customer and employees signified the drunken violent costumers one can expect to find in such a place. At the counter we also realized that we were all broke…CJ to the rescue, sponsored a quarts. So ther e we were, with only one beer, “testing out” the tavern.

The shebeen had that typical Sunday afternoon feel to it, everything calm and fairly quiet (at least for a shebeen). The only life present was a toddler dancing to her own beat. We also soon found out  that we were the first “other type of people” that this youngster saw.

Our conclusion came to be short – Sunday afternoons is a hard time to really “judge” a place: If you’re looking for a quiet and calm place to enjoy a beer on a Sunday afternoon then Push’s Tavern is not a bad place to consider.

The owner, and old lady, is clearly concerned about cleanness of her tavern, apologizing sincerely for its logically dusty floor after a rough weekend. The cleaner who was around cleaning up was also helpful.

We enjoyed the Sunday afternoon’s last sunrays and peace until the only customer left, a drunken man that sat on his own, who got paranoid with our presence, and started harassing me as I was photographing the tavern. As I walked out he kept on walking up to me, drunkishly grabbing at my camera. I stepped a fair way back – just to feel a ‘papsak’ hitting my elbow as he threw it towards me in his stumble. He also pushed one of our mates, which reacted peacefully, and gladly so.

Needless to say, we packed up and left, not because we didn’t enjoy the spot – but because of the customer. None the less it seemed like a nice spot to stop for a quick drink, except for the drunkard perhaps.


Written by Pierre

March 25, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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  1. nice to be young!! I hope your blog does well. Lovies xxx


    May 18, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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